Room Alert 12SR Monitor


The Room Alert 12SR is AVTECH’s rack mounted mid-range environment monitor in our Room Alert PRO line, offering the highest security features such as HTTPS, TLS and SNMP v3.

Like our Room Alert 12ER, this model monitors temperature plus up to 8 more environment conditions of your choice including an analog (0-5VDC) input. It also offers an additional dedicated relay port to toggle low-voltage electrical devices.

When conditions exceed your thresholds, Room Alert notifies you right away so you can act quickly.

  • Send email and text messages right from the device.
  • Trigger the warning LEDs and siren sound on a Light Tower.
  • Pair with (or other compatible platforms) for even more alerting capabilities.

The Room Alert 12SR offers secure features like HTTPS, TLS and SNMP v3. Don’t need those features? Consider the Room Alert 12ER.

The Room Alert 12SR can be mounted in a 1U rack enclosure using the included rack mount.

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As part of our Room Alert PRO line, the Room Alert 12SR features these secure protocols:

  • View the built-in web interface over HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Push data to your account over HTTPS.
  • Send alert notifications from the device over your TLS mail server.
  • Integrate the device into your preferred SNMP program over SNMP v3. (SNMP v1 traps and SNMP v2c also available)
  • Update your firmware with your authenticated username & password.

AVTECH’s Room Alert 12S/12SR has the features of our flagship Room Alert 32S model on a smaller scale and a lower price. It securely monitors your facility for temperature and has a capacity for up to 8 more sensors. Our standard package includes 1 external Digital Active Power Sensor w/ Temperature to help monitor the power status of critical electronic devices that draw 100W of power or more.

Additional dedicated ports allow you to toggle electrical devices, such as AC units, fans, alarm panels and the warning LEDs/siren sound on a Light Tower.

The 12SR version has a removable rack mount and fits 1U of space in a server cabinet; the 12S version can hang from a ceiling or on a wall from its wall mount. Meant for mid-sized spaces requiring thorough and secure coverage, this unit is at home in server rooms, warehouses and any space requiring eyes on a several different conditions — or on the same condition in several targeted locations.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Room Alert 12S Environment Monitor
  • 1 x Digital Active Power Sensor w/ Temperature
  • Room Alert Account Special Upgrade Offers

Special Room Alert Account Upgrade Offers

  • Free 1-year Personal level upgrade with your organization’s first Room Alert purchase (after January 1, 2015)
  • Free 3-month Professional level upgrade with your first purchase and every future purchase of Room Alert

AVTECH reserves the right to change special offers at any time


Download PDF

Room Alert 12S Brochure

Room Alert S Model User Guide

Technical Specification

Room Alert 12SR Specifications
Internal Temperature Sensor
Condition Monitored
Indoor ambient temperature
-40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
+/- 2° C
0.03125° C
Numeric values in Fahrenheit or Celsius
Internal Humidity Sensor
Condition Monitored None
Internal Power Sensor
Condition Monitored
External sensor & accessory ports
3 digital sensor ports (RJ-11)
4 switch sensor ports (screw terminal blocks)
1 Light Tower & Relay Adapter ports (RJ-11)
1 relay output ports (screw terminal blocks)
1 analog sensor ports (screw terminal blocks)
Power & connectivity ports 1 5V barrel-connector power jack 1 RJ-45 Ethernet port (PoE-enabled)  
Power supply AVTECH 5V power adapter (100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, RoHS) or PoE (IEEE802.3af compliant)  
Dimensions Height 1.75″
  Depth 3.75″
  Width 19″ (with rack-mount wings)
Weight 1.6 lbs (with rack-mount)  
Operating tolerances Temperature  -40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
  Humidity 5% – 85% RH, non-condensing

Do not place Room Alert monitors inside refrigerators/freezers—these are condensing environments.


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