Keeping Employees and Residents Safe and Comfortable with Room Alert

Keeping Employees and Residents Safe and Comfortable with Room Alert

Keeping working and living environments comfortable are key issues for employers and organizations that supply housing, such as colleges and medical facilities. Many newer buildings under construction are implementing smart building and IoT technology to help monitor and regulate the environment, while older facilities are beginning to implement it to improve building comfort.

Room Alert acts as an integral part of every organization’s business continuity plan to help prevent downtime in data centers, IT environments and more, and it can also help many organizations improve building comfort and worker safety as well. By monitoring, alerting, and reporting on environment conditions, Room Alert can help nearly any facility provide personal comfort.

Office meetingKeeping temperature and humidity within building comfort ranges

Every building that houses people wants to maintain a comfortable environment. Temperature and humidity levels play a big part in that environment, along with lighting and air quality.

Room Alert monitors all come with built-in temperature monitoring, and external humidity sensors can be added very inexpensively. Together these provide immediate monitoring for temperature, humidity, dew point, and heat index – all critical factors to monitor when it comes to building comfort. In spaces that are not air conditioned, high temperature and humidity, resulting in a high heat index, can create unsafe conditions for extended physical work which could lead to heat related illnesses.

Reporting with Room Alert also helps facility management professionals and building owners keep abreast of temperature and humidity patters and fluctuations. Monitoring those reports will help recognize when temperatures and humidity levels are slowly rising, which can indicate potential problems with HVAC units or ventilation. Proactively resolving those issues before they become a problem will help keep employees and tenants comfortable, happy, and productive.

The damaging effects of heat

StudentWe’ve written many times in the past about how dangerous rising heat can be for your sensitive electronics, computers, and data centers. Rising heat can also be damaging to the health of employees and tenants as well.

Along with health concerns, recent studies have shown that increased temperatures result in decreased cognitive abilities. This means more errors in work done by employees in hotter conditions, and potentially lower grades for students completing assignments in a warmer than usual dorm room or classroom.

With the increase in heat waves around the world, both in number and intensity, it’s critical to make sure the temperatures in your facilities are well within comfortable ranges. Room Alert and multiple sensors spread throughout your facility will help keep employees and tenants safe and comfortable, while also helping to protect your sensitive equipment.

Room Alert for offices, classrooms, dorms, hospitals, and more

When the temperature quickly spikes due to a heat wave, your organization has far less time to respond before the environment becomes harmful. When high temperatures are also combined with high humidity, the “feels like” temperatures can sometimes be almost 10 to 15 degrees higher, leading to heat exhaustion and illness. HVAC problems can lead to situations where being within your building can become almost unbearable.

Proactively monitoring for heat and humidity concerns with Room Alert can help keep those issues at bay by alerting you or your facilities management team to potential issues. Some facilities, such as dorm complexes at colleges and universities, operate off shared HVAC infrastructure and are built in such a way that conditions can become suffocating quickly during heat waves or HVAC failure. Stay abreast of any potential issues during warmer weather to make sure anyone who resides in your buildings can be forewarned of any problems, and you can be on standby to act if heat-related problems occur.

Room Alert can not only keep your data centers and IT facilities safe, it can also protect your employees and tenants from environmental issues around the clock. Don’t let hot and humid conditions overwhelm your facilities. Room Alert will help you keep an eye on HVAC health as well as the health of those who are working or living in your buildings. Install proactive environment monitoring today to give your employees a healthier and safer tomorrow.