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Monitor Your Temperature & Environment...

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!. 4 steps to protect your facility

Go to Choose your room alert

Choose your room alert

Room Alert allows alert notifications via email, email-to-SMS, SNMP and more to devices like computers, mobile phones and mobile devices. This environment and temperature monitoring system offers an easy to use web browser interface for settings changes and viewing real-time temperature, humidity, power and other environment sensor status from anywhere.

Go to Choose your sensor

Choose your sensor

There are seven primary threats that are consistently of the greatest concern. These include temperature, power, humidity, flood, smoke, air flow and room entry. Additional sensor types can be found for many purposes. The objective is to implement sensors that will meet the specific needs of your monitoring application, integrate them with an automated monitoring and alerting system and stay within the budget. AVTECH offers a variety of sensors and solutions to help you do just that.

Go to Room alert account

Room alert account

A Room Alert Account allows users to easily manage and monitor temperature and environment conditions, create custom reports for temperature logging or environment sensor logging history, receive alert notifications when environment conditions reach extremes, view a map showing environment conditions in remote facilities and much, much more. This powerful service allows access from any browser or mobile device over the web with the same user experience device to device.

Go to get your free software

get your free software

Device ManageR is AVTECH’s all-in-one solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing and more of AVTECH’s IT & facilities environment monitoring hardware. It is available for download FREE for customers with a Personal or higher account upgrade.

We'd love to talk with you about your monitoring needs. Contact one of our Product Specialists for a free consultation.


Protect Your Assets Through Environment Monitoring

Monitoring your environment has never been easier. AVTECH has over 30 years of experience protecting the most important data centers in the world. Protect your assets today using the world's most popular temperature and environment monitoring products.

AVTECH has over 150,000 end users located in over 180 countries, including organizations in every industry and on every continent. AVTECH products are heavily used by the Fortune 1000, U.S. Government, U.S. Military, banking, telecommunications, energy, silicon and high tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, public utilities, defense contractors, publishing, education and organizations of all types and sizes.

  • Installing Room Alert is very easy and fast. We also provide complete user guide for installation

  • AVTECH offers a variety of sensors

  • AVTECH Device ManageR require no special skill. Simple, yet so powerful.

  • AVTECH Room Alert account allow you to monitor remotely, anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose AVTECH & Room Alert

Every data center, server room, IT closet, and critical facility needs to be protected against outages and potential data/asset loss resulting from environment factors. Your organization has a number of options available to you for environment monitoring through various methods and devices. We firmly believe that AVTECH’s Room Alert offers all of the qualities, options, and features required to help keep you protected. Users in over 180 countries made the choice to rely on Room Alert for their proactive environment monitoring. So, why should you choose AVTECH and Room Alert?

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